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See a psychiatrist online for medication management, new diagnoses, and more for as low as $0.

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Online doctors available 24/7.

We're here for your cold & flu, prescription refill, covid treatment, mental health, and so much more.

Your visit may be free

We partner with leading health plans to serve millions of members around the country. This means your visit may be completely covered at no cost to you.
Common conditions we treat
  • Mood disorders
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Initial diagnosis
  • Medication management 
  • Online prescriptions
  • And more
Why Doctor On Demand?
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4.9/5 Rating

Thousands of patients left our clinical teams excellent reviews after receiving the care they needed online.

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24/7 Availability

Our urgent care providers are here 24/7/365 for support. Or, book a visit with a therapist or psychiatrist night or day, during the week or on the weekend.

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100% Confidential

Our app lets you see board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, and providers in a secure, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant online experience.

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105.7K Ratings
What our patients are saying

"We have used this service several times in the past with everything from the flu, to UTI, to tick bite. I would highly recommend Doctor On Demand."

—S. Watkins

Five stars

"This is a great service, it uses my insurance so I'm only paying like 4 dollars for a visit to get care and certain prescriptions and its even better for psychiatric care much cheaper then in person and allows you to get treatment without going into major debit to get help. They even have counseling on here as well. I highly recommend it and others in my household use it and with their insurance it's free. I very much appreciate the people who made this app and put the work into it because it has helped me a lot both physically and financially and mentally."


Five stars

"Quick, thorough, got my medications very quickly. Great job!"


Five stars

"Despite my living in a rural community, [Doctor On Demand] helps me quickly get the information and medicine I need while remaining affordable."

—Kevin O.

Five stars

"Excellent. Friendly, enthusiastic, compassionate and listens attentively. I'd give him 6 stars if I could."

—Matt L.

Five stars

"The NP was very friendly and thorough. She listened to my concerns about my child without rushing me. She also made it a point to speak directly to my son which made him feel seen and listened to. She even reminded me about a school note for him! We're on our way to pick up his new prescriptions right now and I am glad he'll feel better soon. Thank you for helping a stressed mom out!"

—Kelly K.

Five stars

“Doctor Asha was very attentive and concerned about my needs and completely professional. I am very happy and grateful about using this service. I recently experienced a close family loss. Doctor On Demand is so dynamic and offers a wide variety of services including therapy, health, and other needed services.” 


Five stars
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From colds to cholesterol to depression, think of us as your first stop for everyday care.