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In this day and age stress surrounds us. It comes at us from all angles: work, home, family, and our physical health. Each of us have developed various ways to cope with stress so that we can overcome such challenges. But what is too much stress and what does it create in us? You’ve heard co-workers or even yourself saying it, “I’m burnt out!”

Stress vs Burnout

The line between stress and burnout is a blurred one, and it’s often difficult to see where one ends and the other begins. Burnout is the accumulation of unchecked and built up stress over a period of time. Think of burnout as the larger, meaner, older brother of stress. It requires stress to exist, but you can have stress without being burnt out. So how do you know the difference? Here are a few key signs.

Stress and fatigue are a daily experience for most. With stress there is an end in sight, but getting there may be difficult. Burnout on the other hand is a cycle of negative emotions and withdrawal that result from investing too much into something emotionally, intellectually, or physically without doing anything to restore yourself.


You don’t have to manage your stress, anxiety or burnout alone. You’ve got us.

See an online therapist

Experiencing large amounts of stress is often enough of a reason for folks to seek out the assistance from a psychologist. However, with burnout it is imperative to seek out professional help as its main symptoms encourage further and further isolation and withdrawal, potentially to the point of depression. Whether you’re stressed, fatigued, or burnt out, a psychologist like myself can help you overcome your challenges.

Whether it’s work stress, relationship issues, or trouble sleeping, Doctor On Demand has a therapist that will work with you on a personalized plan to achieve your goal.

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