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Telemedicine is changing the way we access and manage our health. Our busy modern lifestyles drive us to do more, sleep less, and can impact our ability to cope with life’s constant pressures. One way to juggle the chaos is to take care of not just our physical health, but our mental health too.

The delivery of mental health care through video visits, also known as online therapy or virtual counseling, has tremendous benefits. It places mental health care in your hands and home. As a Doctor On Demand professional, I see the enriched experiences it offers my patients and can cite improved overall well-being.

Take steps to promote your mental wellness through online therapy. You will find the benefits extend beyond the walls and can help change the way you approach mind and body health.

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1. Access

One out five adults with a mental illness report they are unable to get the mental health care they need. The advancements in telemedicine can improve this statistic. You will have increased access to care with shorter wait times. Patients with and without insurance can find mental health care support 24/7. And, the video platform supports those in rural areas with quality care.

2. Convenience

Time management is a never-ending challenge, and more often than not, our mental health is deprioritized. Telemedicine provides greater flexibility and can help move mental wellness to the top of your priority list. You can eliminate the travel time and skip the waiting room. The virtual therapy appointment also allows you to take it from any location. Many patients take their appointments at work or while traveling.

3. Coordinated Care

Every patient’s mental health needs are distinctive. Some may benefit from seeing both a psychiatrist and psychologist. Doctor On Demand takes an innovative and collaborative approach to your care to ensure you have the right care at the right time. This provides a fully integrated approach to your overall health. It also creates more efficiencies, improves decision-making and short and long-term patient outcomes.

4. Safe Environment

Many patients feel that a virtual space is more inviting and creates less of a white coat syndrome. Telemedicine allows you to choose an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Whether it’s the comfort of your own home, at work or across the globe, the personalized options can prompt a more open and relaxing atmosphere.

5. Timely Future Appointments

Mental health services are in high demand. Patients often wait three months or longer to see their mental health care provider. You can quickly make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist and see a provider within two days to two weeks (varies based on state/provider). They can advise on your next visit, and you can easily book your next appointment using the follow-up tool via the Doctor On Demand App. This ease of use can help you take a more proactive approach to your mental wellness.

6. Reduced Healthcare Costs

Research shows that telemedicine is providing economic benefits for both patients and providers. The increased access to care can decrease the need for expensive ER visits. Also, when patients take a proactive approach to treatment they can avoid the potential need for long-term psychiatric or emergency care. Additional research shows that mental health support through virtual counseling is equally as effective as an in-person appointment. Making an online appointment can decrease your transportation costs and needed time off work.

7. Anonymity, Confidentiality & Privacy

Patient appointments are private and confidential. Every time you connect with a doctor, it is over a secure platform and your health information is protected by HIPAA, American Telemedicine and American Medical Association telemedicine guidelines. Other than for treatment and billing purposes, only you can decide who has access to your records.

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You don’t have to manage your mental health alone. You’ve got us.

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