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Find an online doctor from the comfort of your home.
You have access to 24/7 urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health providers.
  • Urgent care
  • Online therapy
  • Check-ups
  • Chronic conditions
  • Diet & nutrition
  • Labs & screening
  • Prescription management
  • and more.
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Covered visits for Premier Virtual Bronze Plan 11 plan members

Virtual Primary Care

You have access to Doctor On Demand’s Virtual Primary Care inclusive of a dedicated primary care physician, integrated behavioral health, 24/7 urgent care, and Care Team support with awesome benefits like dieticians and more all available right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Type of care
Your cost

Doctor on Demand is in-network and available at $0 for Community Health Choice members enrolled in Premier Virtual Bronze Plan 11 plan. If you are a Community Health Choice member enrolled in any other plan, please note Doctor on Demand services are not covered under your plan and your claims will be processed accordingly. Thank you.

Welcome to Virtual Primary Care
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Your Virtual Care includes

Urgent care available 24/7 from the convenience of your own home so that you can see a medical expert, in minutes, whenever you need to.

Behavioral health support to ensure you feel your best both mentally and physically. It’s simple to schedule an appointment and be seen, all from the privacy of home.

Preventive healthcare with screenings and well checks to keep you healthy.

Chronic care that enables convenient access to treatment plans, check-ins, medication management, and professional support for long-term conditions.

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“If you don't feel like dragging your sick self out of bed, this app is for you. It connects you with a board-certified physician who will ask about your medical history and symptoms, before performing an exam — all from the comfort of your phone.”

— Corrine G., CA

Five stars

“This is the best app. I’ve used it many times for my kids and myself. Very convenient. They have saved me trips to the doctor when sick or with sick kids.”

— Carson D., TN

Five stars
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Virtual Primary Care Frequently Asked Questions